Welcoming Children


Children are welcome at all points during our worship services. However, we provide Nursery/Preschool care during from 9am and 12pm for our Sunday Services for parents who would like to bring their small children to the Nursery room located within our Day School.

Parents who choose to bring their children to worship are further encouraged to bring their children to the altar to receive Holy Communion or a blessing from one of the clergy.

One of the most essential gifts we can give, as we minister together to children at St. Peter’s, is to listen to our Lord – to receive children in his name as we worship. What can we do to welcome children and their families? We can nurture Jesus’ little ones and their families by:

•Extending a smile and spirit of welcome to families of small ones

•Learning the names of children and their families

•Offering a helping hand if you see that a family might need assistance

•Making sure children can see what’s going on

•Teaching children to participate in the liturgy with a hearty “Amen,” “And also with you,” or “Thanks be to God.”

•Helping children to hold hymnals or prayer books at the appropriate times

•Encouraging children, as they draw, to illustrate what they experience in church

•Checking the announcements in the leaflet or on this website for children’s ministry or church-school program opportunities.

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